Freshman Enrichment Program

Hello everyone my name is Bryan ,i’m a Binusian 2020 and i took computer science as my major,i was born in 9th of October at 1996. what i’m about to tell you is my journey of what i experienced on my FEP(freshman Enrichment Program), the FEP is a program that was given to Binus freshman. The FEP is a program to help the new binusian(Binus Member) to be prepared for college life, THE FEP is divided into three-parts there GO(General Orientation),Inaguration,AO(academic Orientation).

now i’m gonna tell you each part and also my Experience of following the program

  • General Orientation

at my first day At BINUS Syahdan’s Campus i was very shy because i don’t know anyone and i don’t have any friends that goes to the same university at that time, when the program begin i try to introduce myself and what happen was the other was very acceptance to my very dorky way of introducing myself, then there are a coordinator for every class the called BC(Buddy Coordinator) then they explain of what GO is all about, see is about telling us how the system and the rules in BINUS work also telling us some tips that we could use when were studying at BINUS University.the program when on for a week i think and it was the best because i could pick my own curricular even though is very costly and i also know a good place to eat if i have a shortage on my funds so thank you BC

  • Inaguration

this program is about welcoming us as Binusian officially and the show was quite boring,that i cannot lie but at the end it was quite entertaining and informative for me by the way at this time i shaved my hair bold so everyone that know me was quite shock and tried to make fun of me which i don’t mind because i know the risk and i decide about it’s time to be different , so back to the topic the program that they gave to us was quite entertaining on the band,singing,and talkshow but after that the show was kinda gloomy because i feel very tired(this was my mistake) and i almost felt to sleep in the end when o got out i went straight back home and look at binus tv about the show and fell asleep until morning(muahahahah)

  • Academic Orientation

this program is about preparing us for our campus life by giving us a prologue about the lesson that we gonna take, because i’m a computer science major i get a computer based class that is quite awesome and terrifying because of what i gonna do,luckily the teacher told us not to worry and he gave us a video about the people who learn about it. at BINUS Anggrek campus,it had a big auditorium where we have a lecture sop we enter and enjoyed the speech that was given and we laugh when the talker was joking .for me this program has helped me a little about my confidence also help me on my soft skill

now that i told you about The FEP, i will bring to the end of this blog.but wait there are more

you see as a computer science student we have a program that are put by an Organization called HIMTI the show called HTTP

  • HTTP

HTTP is a show that only for the computer science major freshmen the show had a talkshow,IT showcase, a Band,a food stand also i got a souvenir which is not that awesome. But the show was crazy cool because we jump,dance to the song that was performed by the performer, also there’s a drama that so awesome and funny that i remember it still. well the only regret is the IT showcase is not as much as i expected, you see before the show HIMTI promote the ticket and showing us the video and in there the IT showcase is massive and very various, maybe it’s just me that feel like that because i have too much expectation but the show is not a let down but it’s an absolute roof breaking crazy party and i glad that i went on that show


well that all i want to tell you about so goodbye and see you at my nexy post

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